Oracle start without DBA Group

My user account was indirectly a member of the ora_dba group, via my administrator rights, but it seems I need to be directly a member of the group to login / as sysdba.

That said, the short, bullet point method is as follows:

Cd %ORACLE_HOME%\database
set ORACLE_SID=dbadb01.
Rename the current password file pwddbadb01.ora to pwddbadb01.ora.keep.
Copy another password file, for which I did know the SYS password, to pwddbadb01.ora.
Sqlplus sys/known_password as sysdba.
Delete pwddbadb01.ora.
Rename pwddbadb01.ora.keep to pwddbadb01.ora.

Oracle Checking Import Status

IMPDP Hangs, or Appears to Hang – But Has it?

select owner_name, job_name, operation, job_mode
from dba_datapump_jobs
where state='EXECUTING' ;

select owner_name, job_name, session_type
from dba_datapump_sessions;

select v.status, v.sid,v.serial#,io.block_changes,event
from v$sess_io io, v$session v
where io.sid = v.sid
and v.saddr in (
select saddr
from dba_datapump_sessions
) order by sid;

select s.sid, s.module, s.state,
substr(s.event, 1, 21) as event,
s.seconds_in_wait as secs,
substr(sql.sql_text, 1, 30) as sql_text
from v$session s
join v$sql sql on sql.sql_id = s.sql_id
where s.module like 'Data Pump%'
order by s.module, s.sid;

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